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Auburn Hospital

Auburn Hospital
Norval Street
NSW 2144
(02) 8759 3000
Type of Unit

Unit Services

General medical and surgical patients are admitted to the High Dependency Unit to have their heart rate, blood pressure and breathing monitored. Patients requiring close observation are admitted to the unit.

If a patient requires a higher level of Intensive Care management such as ventilation or dialysis (kidney machine), then transfer will be arranged to another intensive care unit that provides these specialised services.

Other hospitals in the area include, Westmead, Blacktown and Mt Druitt.

Unit Staffing

Specialised and qualified senior doctors manage patients in the unit. Cardiologists (heart doctors) manage the care of the cardiac patients.

A team of highly specialised and qualified senior nurses as well as those gaining experience and qualifications in Intensive Care Nursing / High Dependency Nursing manage patients in the unit.
A senior Registered Nurse is in charge of each shift (Team Leader)

Other health professionals from the disciplines of social work, dietetics, pharmacy and physiotherapy may be involved in the care of patients in the HDU/CCU.

Other Hospital Services

A Gift Shop and Coffee Shop are located on Level 2 of the hospital.

Visitor Services

Telephones available at each bed. Purchase phone card from cashier. No mobile phones to be used in the HDU area.

Visiting hours are from 10:00 am to 1:00pm and 3:00pm to 8:00pm daily. visitors outside these hours by special arrangement.


How to Get to Auburn Hospital

State Rail – western line to Auburn Station or Lidcombe Station. There is a bus service available from Auburn or Lidcombe railway station 5 mins by car from Auburn Station or Lidcombe Station.

A map of the hospital's location is below. A more detailed map can be found at the Whereis Online WebSite.

Auburn Hospital

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