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Bankstown Hospital


Eldridge Road
Bankstown NSW
(02) 9722 8000
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Unit Services

Bankstown Hospital (BHS) is a tertiary referral hospital located in the South Western Sydney Area Health Service. An integral part of the area, BHS is comprised of Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital and Bankstown Community Health and serves a population of 160,000. The hospital, built in 1995, has 400 operational beds and a staff of 1300 employees.

Unit Staffing

The ICU/HDU is a combined unit of 14 beds. The Unit is staffed by a team of 4 Intensivists. Medical coverage is over 24 hours with rotating teams of Residents and Registrars.

Approximately 60 Nursing Staff care for ICU patients with a one-to-one ratio and for high dependency patients we usually assign 2 patients/nurse. Each shift is organised by a Team Leader with allocation of staff according to clinical skills. New Graduates rotate through the Unit with the assistance of our full-time Clinical Nurse Educator. The first intake of New Graduates into the Critical Care Clinical Streaming is scheduled to commence in January 2004.

Approximately half of the patients admitted to the Unit are patients who have had surgery, including major abdominal, vascular & orthopaedic procedures. Medical conditions include lung disease, asthma, uncontrolled diabetes, kidney dialysis and admission for the treatment of organ failure with sepsis. BHS is not a trauma centre and does not specialise in the intensive care management of children.

Other Hospital Services

The ICU/HDU staff also form the Medical Emergency Team, which operates throughout the hospital campus. The MET co-ordinator collates information and statistics as well as provides education and ongoing management of the MET process and has recently been involved in an Area based research project.

The Unit offers educational support for nursing and medical staff, preceptorship and support from the experienced Clinical Nurse Specialist staff with ongoing educational opportunities, which are needs based.

A comprehensive health care team, including Social Work, Physiotherapist, Pharmacist, Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Diabetes consultant, Pain Management consultant, Infectious Respiratory consultant, Diseases consultant and Stomal Therapy consultant, is ready to assist with the management of patients and their families/carers.

Families are regularly informed of patients' condition and progress. A comprehensive management plan is made and constantly reviewed in consultation with family members. A member of the Team is always available to answer any questions the family may have.

How To Get To Bankstown Hospital

A map of the hospitals's location is below. A more detailed map can be found at the Whereis Online WebSite.

Bankstown Hospital

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