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Campbelltown Hospital

Therry Road
NSW 2560
(02) 4634 3000
Type of Unit

Unit Services

Campbelltown Intensive Care Unit (ICU) provides adult intensive care services for the local area. The unit has a total of 1 ICU and 7 High Dependency Unit (HDU) beds. General intensive care services are available and dialysis will be available soon. Brain surgery, heart surgery and more complex patients are transferred to Liverpool Hospital.

Unit Staffing

The ICU medical team is lead by 8 Specialists all of whom also work at Liverpool Hospital Intensive Care Unit. There is one Specialist available in the ICU during the day, and when not in the unit they can be reached by telephone. There is another resident intensive care doctor present in the hospital 24 hours a day.

There are approximately thirty (30) nurses who work a variety of shifts. On each shift there is a senior nurse who is in charge of the unit. One (1) full time nurse educator assists new staff and patients/carers to understand what is going on. They also explain what is being done to help patients recover. Many of the nurses in our unit have studied intensive care nursing. Some have diplomas or masters degrees in critical care nursing.

Generally one nurse will care for each critically ill patient. Often these patients require extra help with their breathing and will be on a ventilator. As patients improve and become more stable there may be one nurse to care for each 2 patients.

The unit has the help of Allied Health Professionals such as physiotherapists, dietitians and a social worker through the day. There are also speech pathologists, pharmacists and occupational therapists available to assist patients.

Future Services

As part of future expansion it is planned that the ICU will eventually provide services for up to 8 ICU patients and up to 15 HDU patients. This unit will be sub-divided into two areas to be managed as a single unit. Staff utility and support areas will be shared. There will be increased numbers of doctors, nurses and support staff to provide this expanded service. Patients will receive all forms of intensive care monitoring and therapy whether being ventilated, or with external life support.

How To Get To Campbelltown Hospital

A map of the hospital's location is below. A more detailed map can be found at the Whereis Online WebSite.

Campbelltown Hospital

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