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Wagga Wagga Base Base Hospital

Wagga Wagga Base Hospital
Corner Edward Street (Sturt Highway)
& Docker Street
Wagga Wagga
NSW 2650
02 6938 6666
Type of Unit

Unit Services

In our Intensive Care Unit we offer patients who are admitted ventilation support, non-ventilation support, cardiac monitoring, trauma management, post operative care and dialysis management for short term.

In our Coronary Care Unit patients are admitted for cardiac monitoring, post cardiac education, commencement of a rehabilitation program and administration of specialised medications. Here at Wagga Wagga Base Hospital we have a combined intensive care/ coronary care unit, which has eight (8) beds. Patients in the unit are placed on monitors, which show the nurses and doctors their heart rate, blood pressure and other information that is required for management.

Ventilators may be used to assist patients with breathing if required. Not all patients who are admitted to the intensive care will need a ventilator. If the patients have problems with their kidneys we are able to offer specialised equipment such as a dialysis machine, though some patients requiring dialysis will be transferred to another hospital.

Patients who are admitted and require specialised care and services such are burns, brain (neuro) surgery, spinal management and heart (cardiac) surgery will be transferred to another hospital for ongoing specialised care.

Depending on the condition and requirements of children admitted to intensive care, some children will be transferred to a specialised children’s hospital for further care.

Unit Staff

We have a director of intensive care, and intensive care staff specialists who are trained in intensive care medicine working in the unit. They are available in the unit daily. When they are not in the unit they are available by telephone.

We have 4 junior doctors who provide 24-hour cover, seven (7) days a week. There is a senior nurse in charge of the unit; and nursing staff have certificates in intensive care and coronary care nursing.

If a patient requires specialised care e.g. (ventilator assistance), then on each shift one nurse will look after that patient. Nurse ratios depend on the illness of the patient and the type of equipment they require. Our unit also has the help of Allied Health Professionals such as physiotherapists, dieticians, pharmacist, social worker, cardiac rehabilitation co-coordinator and occupational therapist.

Visitor Services

  • Expectations of Visitors
  • Visiting Hours: 11 am–1 pm & 3.30 pm–8 pm
  • Waiting room
  • Flowers
  • Visitor Accommodation
  • Support services (eg social worker/Pastoral Care)
  • Hospital shop/Canteen
  • Phones
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How To Get To Wagga Wagga Hospital

A map of the hospitals's location is below. A more detailed map can be found at the Whereis Online WebSite.

Wagga Wagga

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